最近このブログに結構アメリカからの訪問者が多いということが分かったんだ。だから国家とネトウヨについて英語で書いたものを載せてみるよ。(音楽のオーシャンカラーシーンは今回まったく関係ありません :mrgreen:

Frst of all, I should tell you this is something political.

It's one of the most ridiculous existence in the world. It threatens every individuals' freedom and life. But there are still few people who are aware of its vice and doubt about it. Do you know what? It's a nation. Especially in case it is used as a tool by dictators who try to realize their ambitions it's the most dangerous. They will self-affirm every evil demeanor even if they change the current constitution. I can say the nations and those who in powers are the representations of humans' weaknesses. You can know it comparing to simple example that the weakest animals are always in crowds. I am obliged to say that the nations are just necessary evil in every respect.

And also have you ever heard the word netouyo? Now it's a very very popular word in Japan. It's a collective term that stands for people who show their very conservative opinions and ideas through the Internet. Actually most of them are in favor of current regime by PM Abe, like IamAbe. It's means they are really right-winged. Not knowing when but dribs and drabs they reproduce themselves through the Internet. This is just my opinion but they are not informed people. The reason why we have so many netouyo in Japan is they are just affected by Yomiuri or Sankei both of which are the most common newspaper which post the rather right-winged public opinions. I think netouyo is a good word to represent some of ignoble Japanese people and current perilous political situation. The word should be known more internationally like sushi. It's not so good as sushi but just fishy, though. ;D


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